The Tertiary Division of the Hong Kong Institute of Investors, in short TD, is a sub-division of the Hong Kong Institute of Investors. The Division is headed by Mr. Ricky Tam, Founder and Chairman of the Hong Kong Institute of Investors, with the support by a group of students coming from different tertiary institutions. TD is composed of Executive Committee, Council and Non-executive Committee. The Executive Committee includes five departments, namely Membership Department, Editorial Department, Information Systems Department, External Affairs Department and Marketing Department. Each department is led by a Department Head who will be responsible for managing various departmental functions implemented by the subordinates. Council members include Councillors and Project Supervisors, who provide advice to the departments so as to ensure the smooth implementation of the departmental functions. Non Executive Committee is composed of the representatives from the Founding Societies. To strengthen the communication among different universities, regular Non Executive Committee meetings will be held and through such sharing of opinions and experiences, the relationship between the Division and Founding Societies will be much enhanced.

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Founding Societies (in alphabetical order of the name of tertiary institutions)
  • Economics and Finance Society
    City University of Hong Kong Students' Union
    ¡@Society Description¡@

    Economics and Finance Society (previously called Economics and Finance Departmental Society) was established in 1992. It is the sole representative of the students studying in Business Economics, Finance, Financial Engineering and Financial Services. In these eleven years, EFS has provided different kinds of activities to our members so as to broaden their knowledge in economics, finance and investment. Besides, EFS also organized many other activities, such as Orientation Camp and Beauty Workshop, so that our members can develop themselves in different aspects.

    This year, we will continue to provide different kinds of quality services for our members. We will organize Investment Talk, CFA Talk, Career Forum, Firm Visit, Study Tour, etc. We are also contacting an investment firm to provide job opportunities to our members. It will be a good chance for them to gain more experience. We will also organize more activities with other universities in order to enhance the relationship between the students in different institutes.

  • Society of Investment and Finance
    City University of Hong Kong Students' Union

    ¡@Society Description¡@

    The Society of Investment and Finance is one of the largest non-profit making student-run organizations affiliated to the Student Union of City University of Hong Kong. Ever since its establishment in 1985, our society has been actively promoting investment awareness and cultivating decent way of investment comportment among our students and the general public.

    Thanks to the prominent support given by our executive committees, our members and the populace over the past 17 years, we are growing from a tiny association to one of the largest affiliated societies in the campus. It is now having a membership of more than 470 students all over the University, with quite a sizeable proportion of BBA undergraduates.

    Stepping to its 18th years, we would continue our cooperation with other tertiary institutions and business corporations to strive for greater benefits for our basic members. This year, we would organize a series of activities like CFA talk, investment and portfolio management courses, firm visits, investment simulation competition and study tour etc. so as to foster their investment knowledge and intelligence. Through participating these meaningful activities, we hope that they can learn more about investment and portfolio management and put the theory they learnt into practice.

  • Business Management Society
    Hong Kong Baptist University

    ¡@Society Description¡@

    The Business Management Society (BMS) is a non-profit making, academic society which houses students from the options of Finance and Marketing in Hong Kong Baptist University. It takes pride of the largest number of members and longest history among the rest societies of the School of BBA. The BMS bears an inalienable responsibility to ignite the members' sense of belonging as well as sense of mission through conducting multifarious academic activities, both internally and externally. We'll be holding seminar, firm visit and study tour etc. in the year 2003-2004.

  • Faculty of Business Students' Association
    ¡@Society Description¡@

  • Business Investment Society
    Hong Kong Shue Yan College

    ¡@Society Description¡@

    Hong Kong Shue Yan College Business Investment Society was founded in 1995, we now have been stepped into the 9th cabinet. Our society provides correct information and knowledge about investment to our member and nurtures them to be interested in this field. We hope to help student to gain actual and practical experiences of the real investment market and consolidate their knowledge through different functions we held together with other firms and tertiary institute. This year, we proposed to have more contact to the realistic business market, we have invited different firms to hold seminar, firm visit. Also we have joint university investment game, member activities throughout the year. Besides, on the January 2003, we held a economic field trip to ZhuSanJao studying the economic situation in recent years, it is widely accepted by our classmates. We would work very hard and try our best to organize much variety of function for our member in the foreseeable furture.

  • The Finance Students' Society,

    ¡@Society Description¡@

    Founded in 1992, The Finance Students' Society, HKUSTSU ("The Society" hereinafter), is a non profit-making organization having over 800 members. Its members come from different schools and departments in HKUST, with those majoring in Finance occupying the largest proportion.

    As a departmental society, the Society undertakes the responsibilities of promoting the interest of its members in finance and applying the financial knowledge in the field. It also develops and strengthens its linkages with other business-relating clubs and organizations in academic, social and cultural aspects. Last but not least, it aims at fostering a closer relationship among the faculty members, alumni, its members and fellow students.

  • China Trade Society
    Lingnan University

    ¡@Society Description¡@

    China Trade Society, an affiliated society of the Students' Union of Lingnan University, was officially established in 1992. It has now come to the 11th year. Our mission is to give impetus to the development of trading in China. With the objective of "Grounding Hong Kong, Supporting by china, Leaning at the world," We devote our effort to organizing different activities that benefit students of Lingnan University, for example, academic exchange programme. We also gain much support from the other tertiary institutes in order to hold some Joint-University functions, such as the Hong Kong Investment Simulation Competition, which can provide the opportunities for our students with to enhance the communication with students from other tertiary institutes.

    In the coming year, we are going to launch a series of functions including: (1) Academic Exchange Programs (2) China Trade Festival - which is an annual activity including activities such as a small-scale exhibition, an exciting game called 'The Weakest Link' and a Member Gathering Party (3) A large-scale monographic exhibition on trading in China, and other activities like Executives Preparation Course. We hope that the students can understand more about the trading circumstances in China and the China Trade Society through these schemes.

  • Society of Investment and Finance
    Lingnan University
    ¡@Society Description¡@

    Our society aimed to improve the basic knowledge and concept of investment and finance by held different activities, such as study tour, talk, firm visit etc. we hope that we can give an outline idea for our students as we all know that the importance of investment.

  • Strategic Investment Society
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    ¡@Society Description¡@

    Founded in 1989, the Strategic Investment Society is a non-profit organization under the Chinese University Student Union. As one of the largest societies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, we have over 1900 members from various faculties. Our aim is to instill basic investment knowledge in university students. It may appear to most of you that investment is a topic only for businessmen, but we believe that it actually affects us all. Since the introduction of mandatory provident fund (MPF), investment knowledge should not be a privilege given only to those in the business world anymore. People from all walks of life should know more about it. Therefore, we do not limit our membership only to business students. To allow interaction of investment knowledge among our members, we recruit Business Administration students, as well as students from other faculties such as Social Science and the Engineering Faculty.

    To achieve our mission, we organize many activities throughout the year that are both internal and external to the public. Some previous events include, the Hong Kong Investment Simulation Competition, which was a joint-University function where participants can simulate buying stocks and other derivatives on the internet; the mentorship program, in which selected candidates meet our mentors, who are all prominent and well-known figures in society such as Mr. Michael Fung and Mr. Ricky Tam, regularly and share their valuable experience; firm visits, in which our members visit large financial firms and banks so they can know more about their operations; and the various seminars that are open to the public. Through these activities, we hope to bring as much investment knowledge to our members as possible. Last but not least, we would like to thank all our advisors, mentors and past executive committee members for their unfailing support throughout the years.

  • The Society of Quantitative Finance
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    ¡@Society Description¡@

    The programme was first launched in 1998. It is an inter-faculty programme hosted by the Department of Finance in response to the needs and developments of financial industry. It was developed to meet the demand for quantitative expertise in the financial market.

    Participants will benefit from a programme combining business, mathematics and statistics courses (with the possibility of electives from other disciplines, like systems engineering).

    Graduates are trained to be financial analysts equipped with quantitative skills. As Hong Kong is an important financial center in the region, graduates can find employment in the financial sector, particularly in jobs where quantitative, analytical skills are required.

    Each year, our programme admits competent candidates with high academic qualification. The number of student intake is approximately 25 each year. Our programme is recognized to be the best in terms of student intake. In the 2002-03 admissions, the lower quartile admission grade was 5A in HKCEE and 3A in HKALE, which is a remarkable achievement for a programme with only 5 years of history.

    Besides, our students are also encouraged to participate in different activities or programmes. About one fourth of year one students will go exchange to gain inter-cultural experience in the next academic year. Also, a vast majority of our students have participated in the mentorship programme and internship programme organized by the faculty of Business Administration. Our students can definitely benefit a lot from this wide variety of activities.

    Our society, The Society of Quantitative Finance (QFiS), provides different activities that enrich campus lives of our members. Our aims are to unify our students, to foster their all-round development and to provide them with welfare. Examples of our functions include study tour, joint-university high table dinner and different forms of challenging competitions. We were honored to be one of the founding societies of the tertiary division, the Hong Kong Institute of Investors in 2001, which aims at enhancing investors' knowledge of the various financial markets and investment tools. We, together with other founding and supporting societies, actively achieve this mission by organizing and participating in various investment activities such as investment seminars with different themes held in different Universities and Hong Kong Investment Competition held every year.

  • Economics and Finance Society, bea hkusu
    The University of Hong Kong

    ¡@Society Description¡@

    The Economics and Finance Society (EFS), having a grand history of more than 60 years, is one of the largest non-profit making student-run organizations in the University of Hong Kong ever since its establishment in 1940. Being the Departmental Society of the School of Economics and Finance, EFS aims at enhancing students' interest in economics and finance and acts as a bridge between the School and its students. Last year, more than 1500 students were enrolled as members of our society, which covers one-eighth of students in the University of Hong Kong. Through organizing activities not only for members and university students, but as well as the general public, we hope to accomplish our mission of nurturing leading pillars for the future Hong Kong society.

    Every year, our society will organize three core projects: Budget Talk, Study Tour, and Economic Project. Since 1970, EFS has started to organize the annual Budget Talk after the release of the annual Hong Kong budget. Through providing a comprehensive analysis of the annual budget, EFS hopes to stimulate students' and the public's interest in the study of the Hong Kong economy. This year, we are delighted to be able to organize two forums: Academic Forum and Business Forum, so as to provide different perspectives in analyzing the impacts of the budget.

    Furthermore, in the Study Tour which is organized in June, our society hopes to broaden students' horizons by visiting different parts of the world. Students will have the opportunity to visit different universities and get to know the local students, as well as visiting popular tourists' spots so that students can gain more knowledge in different cultures all over the world.

    As for the Academic Project, the Cigna Entrepreneurship Competition was successfully held last year. Participants were asked to hand in a proposal about their own idea of setting up a business. Results were encouraging and we received many innovative proposals from participants. Through this project, we hope that students can apply what they have learnt in textbooks into practical use.

Supporting Societies (in alphabetical order of the name of tertiary institutions)
Associate Societies (in alphabetical order of the name of tertiary institutions)
  • Departmental Society of Business Services and Management
    Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Tsing Yi)

  • Investment Society
    Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Cheung Sha Wan )

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