The Tertiary Division of the Hong Kong Institute of Investors seeks to enhance tertiary students' knowledge of the various financial markets and investment tools, through which students can cultivate a proper investment concept applied in the actual investment environment. By continuously developing a close relationship with tertiary students and jointly organizing diversified programs with prestigious organizations in the investment field, the Division can help students instill a proper investment attitude and refine their investment skills in the long run. To stimulate students' keen interest in investment education, the Division has adopted an innovative and proactive approach to be in line with the prevailing information era.

Our vision is to help supporting the healthy development of the financial market in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Institute of Investors (HKII) was founded by Mr. Ricky Tam in May 1999. It aims at protecting the interests of the general Hong Kong investing public. By maintaining a close relationship with members and the other sectors, the Institute seeks to enhance Investors knowledge of the various financial markets and investment tools, through which members may cultivate a proper investment concept and refine their investment skills. Our vision is to help ensuring the healthy development of the financial market in Hong Kong in the long run.

At the end of 1999, HKII was accepted by the World Federation of Investors Corporation (WFIC) as the first member in the Asian region (including Japan). And Mr. Ricky Tam, Founder and Chairman of HKII, is now the Director of WFIC.

To further commit the mission of educating the investors in particular the young generation, the Tertiary Division under the Institute was set up in February 2001. Students representing different universities have teamed up to form an Executive Committee to actively achieve our mission by organising and participating in various investment activities such as: regular publication; regular tea gathering to enable the student members to learn from adult members and allow professional experts to share their investment experience; investment seminars with different themes held in different Universities; Hong Kong Investment Competition to widely publicize the investor education. In addition, some more extensive functions are now under planning, for instance, Summer Internship Program, which will be unveiled later.

Regarding the programs targeted at adult members, HKII does not only organize seminars, professional investment courses, trainings and tea gatherings on a regular basis, but also conduct monthly investment talks and provide members with monthly newsletter reporting the latest activities. Recently, we are pleased to have both the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong as well as Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority providing special features for the columns of "SFC Square'' and "MPF Perspective" in our monthly newsletter. It is reflected that the important role of the Institute played in the investor education has been highly recognized in the market.

In addition, throughout the launch of the extensive Hong Kong Investment Competition, the Institute has led the investor education to a more diversified perspective, from which investors can learn various investment tools and upgrade their investment knowledge. This type of education-oriented competition has been well received by both investors and commercial organizations.

Thanks to the full support provided by a team of Honorary Advisors comprising professors and financial experts plus the continued patronage extended by retail investors, financial institutions and media organizations, the number of members has been on a steady increase. Now we have around 6,000 members.

Looking ahead, we will continue to make our strenuous efforts to further promote investor education in hopes of significantly enhancing the professional standard of our investors.

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