The Tertiary Division of the Hong Kong Institute of Investors, in short TD, is a sub-division of the Hong Kong Institute of Investors. The Division is headed by Mr. Ricky Tam, Founder and Chairman of the Hong Kong Institute of Investors, with the support by a group of students coming from different tertiary institutions. TD is composed of Executive Committee, Council and Non-executive Committee. The Executive Committee includes five departments, namely Membership Department, Editorial Department, Information Systems Department, External Affairs Department and Marketing Department. Each department is led by a Department Head who will be responsible for managing various departmental functions implemented by the subordinates. Council members include Councillors and Project Supervisors, who provide advice to the departments so as to ensure the smooth implementation of the departmental functions. Non Executive Committee is composed of the representatives from the Founding Societies. To strengthen the communication among different universities, regular Non Executive Committee meetings will be held and through such sharing of opinions and experiences, the relationship between the Division and Founding Societies will be much enhanced.

Executive Committee and Council 2005 - 2006

Executive Committee and Council 2004 - 2005

Executive Committee and Council 2003 - 2004

Executive Committee and Council 2002 - 2003

Founding Members and Executive Committee 2001 - 2002

Honorary and Legal Advisors

Founding, Supporting and Associated Societies

HKII Education Fund

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