Regulations of Tertiary Division, Hong Kong Institute of Investors (HKII-TD)

1) Members

  • Eligibility:
    Full time students of the Hong Kong recognized tertiary institutions or university.
  • Rights:
    Under the fulfillment of the eligibility and obligation of regulations of HKII TD, members are eligible; legitimate and right to participate all kinds of activities provided by HKII TD, enjoy welfares and rights provided by HKII TD.
  • Obligations
    • Members are requested to obey all regulations written by HKII TD.
    • Members are requested to obey decisions made or suggestions passed by executive committees of HKII TD.
    • Members are requested to pay annual fees before the next fiscal year. The validity of membership starts from the month of participation to consecutive 12 months later inclusively. Suppose the acceptance of membership is August, the membership validity will be started from August till July of next fiscal year. Members are requested to deposit membership fees before July of next fiscal year. If membership fee has not been deposited within a month (July), membership validity will hence be expired. Members of one of HKII TD founding societies or supporting societies are excluded from payment.
    • No refund for the deposited membership fees.
      Membership fee for 1 year: HK$ 20
      Membership fee for 2 years: HK$ 30 by one lump sum
      Membership fee for 3 years: HK$ 40 by one lump sum

    • The fees will be used in helping the promotion of activities organized by HKII.
    • Members are requested to maintain decent image of HKII and prohibited to act deeds which ruin the image of HKII.
    • For any lost of membership card, instant notification to HKII TD are required. The transaction fee for the renewal of membership card is HK$ 50.

2) Penalty

  • Members are prohibited to do or act any deeds which ruin the image of HKII; and disobey or violate the regulations of HKII.
  • Members are prohibited to sell or promote products or services which had not approved by HKII; and make use of HKII's image for private purpose during the events or functions held by HKII.
    Offenders will immediately cancel his or her membership eligibility. The fees deposited in are non-refundable.
  • With the referral to membership's obligation written in above, membership validity will be frozen or cancelled unless membership fee is deposited. Membership validity will regard as voluntary be forgone if payment have not been settled before the due date: it is usually within a month after sending out the invoice.

3) The translations and amendments of regulations of HKII TD

  • The authorized body of writing the regulations of HKII TD is the executive committee of TD. Chinese version will be the standard version if there is any difference in the wordings between Chinese and English versions.
  • The terminal authorization of the translation and amendments of regulations are upon the rights of the legitimated body, HKII TD.

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